Various Press Equipment

TR-1 Resolver

TR-1 Resolver - Precise crank-angle position measurements

Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of miscellaneous press equipment for your press and press line. Some of these products include automatic counterbalance, TR-1 resolver for precise crank-angle position and calibration load cells.

As with many of our other services and products, we offer a custom solution to fit any of your needs.

Browse below to view all of the various equipment that we can supply your press line with.

AutoCell - Press Tonnage Calibration

AutoCell - A2LA Tonnage Calibration

The AutoCell is a self-contained, strain gauge based load cell that is calibrated on equipment traceable to the National Bureau Of Standards. Standard digital AutoCells are available in 2K lbs, 10K lbs, or 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 2000 ton capacities.
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Press Brake Monitor

Brake Monitor

A Toledo Integrated Systems brake monitor measures the brake stopping time in milliseconds and will automatically prevent the activation of a successive stroke, if the stopping time is beyond the brake limit setpoint.

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TR-1 Resolver

TR-1 Resolver

The TR-1 Resolver provides precise crank-angle position measurements. Resolvers are incorporated with different types of press monitoring and automation systems. These systems will help your production run smooth. The TR-1 Resolver will provide you with high accuracy and reliability.
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We offer other various solutions for any other your press needs. If the product that you are looking for is not listed above, try using our Google search feature located near the top of the page.

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