PW Plus Tonnage Monitor

PW Plus benchmark tonnage monitor

PW Plus Benchmark Tonnage Monitor

The PressWatch PW PLUS Series is the most advanced benchmark tonnage monitor in the industry today. Sophisticated electronic circuitry makes the monitor extremely easy to understand and use. One operator switch controls the monitor and operating instructions are printed near control.

The PW PLUS production monitors are used for many important operations, such as: automatic, progressive dies and basic stamping. It is available as a two or four channel unit for easy plant standardization.


  Standard Option
Two or four channel display, plus total  
Displays tonnage & deviation from
Percent of benchmark & percent of
  capacity setpoints
Parts counter counts all parts within the
  tonnage limits
Displays reverse load or snap-through  
Can view overload counts with PressNet  
Automatic setpoints based on
  benchmark tonnage
Capacity and working tonnage alarms  
Low alarms may be disabled  
Can display calibration numbers  
Independent left and right, high & low
  set points
Automatic Zero Balance  
Drift controls limit excessive load
  deviation from hit to hit
Set gradual trending limits based on
  tonnage variances
Press overload protection at all times  
Helps identify off-center tool loading  
Two or four sensor inputs  
Analog output jacks  
RS-485/232 serial port  
AutoSet keyswitch  
Door lock  
Flushmount Kit  
Auto Target Tonnage Recall  
Forging anti-noise  
Time based signatures  
Pressroom networking  


No. Of Channels Two or Four
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauge sensors
120 to 1000 ohms
Up to (4) 350 ohm sensors
Sensor Excitation Built-in 10VDC @ 125mA max (Short circuit protected)
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of offset
Gain Range Low Gain = 0.568mV/V to 5.000mV/V
High Gain = 0.057mV/V to 0.625mV/V
Analog Output .25" stereo phono jack
2.5VDC @ Press Capacity
Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale max
Non-linearity +/- .1% of full scale max
Flat DC to 1KHz
Display 4 digit display
Display Update Every Stroke (up to 2 updates per second max)
Resolution 1024 count
SPM 400 SPM (threshold trigger)
2000 SPM (probe trigger)
Calibration Shunts 1 Meg Ohm .1% precision resistor
Trigger Probe or Threshold
Thershold Probe Built-in voltage source (24VDC @ 50mA max) provides power for NPN or PNP proximity probes. Also supports limit switch, solid state or mechanical relays
Resolver Interface No
Shutdown Relay 10A @ 120VAC
N.O. and N.C. Contact
Bypass switch available
Power Req. 58 Watts max, 95-130VAC @ 50-60Hz OR
190-260VAC @ 50-60Hz
Operating Temp. 0-70 degrees Celsius
Weight Approximately 22.3lbs

  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 12.5 " 14.5 " 6.8 "


Name Format Link
User Manual PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Standard Product PressNet Networking software that
  provides detailed production
  and tonnage information
Standard Product TT-Graph Signature analysis program that
  generates tonnage signatures
  and provides a simple approach
  for analyzing the signatures
Service Installation On-site product installation


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