N260 Tonnage Monitor

N260 full range tonnage monitor

N260 Full Range Tonnage Monitor

The PressWatch N260 Series has earned a reputation as the highest quality, most accurate and complete production monitor on the market today. It has a full range of features that provide excellent press, die and part monitoring.

The N260 production monitor can be used alone or with a computer for networking and signature analysis. It has a serial port to easily network monitors for comprehensive production information at one central PC. The N260 functions without a computer to provide the traits of a tonnage monitor plus the benefits of a production monitor.


  Standard Option
Two, four or eight channel display  
Total tonnage display  
Independent left/right, high/low limits  
Manual & automatic high/low limits  
Percent of benchmark setpoints  
Percent of capacity setpoints  
Displays reverse load or snap-through  
Can view count left in batch  
Capacity & working tonnage alarms  
Low alarms may be disabled  
Automatic Zero Balance  
Target tonnage die storage up to 100  
Number of high alarms & hardest hit  
Strokes per minute & last alarm  
Can bypass individual press corners  
Part number & downtime codes  
Signature analysis & critical curve option  
Slide tonnage isolation for double actions  
N268-TFP for 2 bay transfer presses  
Two, four, six or eight sensor inputs  
Analog output jacks  
RS-485/232 serial port  
AutoSet Keyswitch  
Door Lock  
Thumbwheel data switches  
Resolver based signatures  
Signature enveloping  
Critical curve monitoring  
Pressroom networking  
Bar code reader interface  
Shut-height interface  


No. Of Channels Two, Four, Six or Eight
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauge sensors
120 to 1000 ohms
Up to (16) 350 ohm sensors
Sensor Excitation Built-in 10VDC @ 475mA max (Short circuit protected)
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of offset
Gain Range Low Gain = 0.568mV/V to 5.000mV/V
High Gain = 0.057mV/V to 0.625mV/V
Analog Output .025" header
2.5VDC @ Press Capacity
Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale max
Non-linearity +/- .1% of full scale max
Flat DC to 1KHz
Display 4 digit display
Display Update 2 updates per second
Resolution 1024 count
SPM 180 SPM (resolver trigger)
300 SPM (threshold trigger)
800 SPM (probe trigger)
Calibration Shunts 1 Meg Ohm .1% precision resistor
(2)RS-485 & (2)RS-232
Trigger Resolver, Probe or Threshold
Thershold Probe Accept 24-115V AC or DC
(Built-in voltage source of 115VAC)
It supports limit switch, solid state or mechanical relays
Resolver Interface Built-in excitation supports standard 5000Hz rotor excited positional resolver
Shutdown Relay 10A @ 120VAC & 30VDC
N.O. Contact
Bypass switch available
Power Req. 69 Watts max, 95-130VAC @ 50-60Hz OR
190-260VAC @ 50-60Hz
Operating Temp. 0-70 degrees Celsius
Weight Approximately 25.8lbs

  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 12.5 " 14.5 " 6.8 "


Name Format Link
User Manual PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product PM Kit PM Kit includes strain gauge
  sensors, cables and mounting
Standard Product Resolver Precise crank-angle position
Standard Product PressNet Networking software that
  provides detailed production
  and tonnage information
Standard Product TT-Graph Signature analysis program that
  generates tonnage signatures
  and provides a simple approach
  for analyzing the signatures
Service Installation On-site product installation


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