Tonnage Monitors

pwi 4 channel tonnage monitor with signature analysis

PWi - 4 Channel Tonnage Monitor W/ Signature Analysis

Toledo Integrated Systems offers a wide variety of monitors for each press application. These applications include C-Frame, OBI, OBS, forging, powdered metal, refractory, transfers, assembly and double action presses.

Our tonnage monitors can extend the life of your press and dies by preventing excessive hard hits. Capacity, high and low setpoints can be set with these monitors and if any of the setpoints are crossed, the press will stop. Our force monitors can also be used to determine the minimum amount of force needed to form a part.

Below you can configure a tonnage monitor for your press. By filling out the list below, tonnage monitors that best fit your need will be shown. To view all of our tonnage monitors, scroll down below the recommended monitors.

Tonnage Monitor Configuration


Choose the type of application that the monitor will be used in.

The number of strain gauge sensors being monitored by the tonnage monitor
Signature Analysis:

Signatures provide an in-depth analysis of the force throughtout the stroke by displaying a graphical representation of the force on the monitor display.


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All Tonnage Monitors:

LS Series signature based tonnage monitor

LS PressWatch Series Signature Based Tonnage Monitor

The LS monitor provides resolver based signatures for 2, 4, or 8 channel applications, with an included color PC operator interface.

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PWi full featured tonnage monitor

PWi PressWatch Tonnage Monitor

The PWi is an economical menu controlled monitor for use in 2, 4, or 8 channel applications. It displays time based signatures [optional position based] on an LCD display.

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Quik-Learn atuomatic tonnage monitor

Quik-Learn Automatic Tonnage Monitor

The Quik-learn is a low cost simple to use peak tonnage monitor for C-frame presses. Its display is particularly easy to interpret.

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N600 cost effective tonnage monitor

N600 Tonnage Monitor

The N600 is both economical and easy to use. It provides a single display for left, right, or total peak tonnage.

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TQM in-line tonnage monitor

TQM Tonnage Monitor

The TQM is a single point peak tonnage monitor for in-the-die force measurement.

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Slim signature based tonnage monitor

Slim Signature Based Tonnage Module

The SLIM module provides resolver based signatures for 2, 4, 6, or 8 channel applications, using a customer supplied PC as the HMI.

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TTLM tonnage monitor

TTLM PLC Tonnage Module

The TTLM Module is for 2 or 4 channel peak only applications in conjunction with a PLC.

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PLC tonnage kits

PLC Peak Tonnage Kits

PLC peak tonnage kits include the TTLM tonnage module, PM sensor kit, PLC and Operator Interface Software.

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PLC signature tonnage kits

PLC Signature Tonnage Kits

The signature tonnage kit provides peak tonnage information to Allen Bradley CompactLogix or ControlLogix PLCs using our SLIM module, PM Sensor Kits, comm. cable and application software (PLC and PanelView Plus).

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N260 full range tonnage monitor

N260 PressWatch Series Tonnage Monitor

A standard in the large press automotive sector for over 25 years. This monitor is available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 channels. Many Toledo features such as, AutoSet, CCM, resolver based tonnage signatures, Enveloping and percent deviation are available.

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PW Plus benchmark tonnage monitor

PW Plus PressWatch Series Benchmark Tonnage Monitor

The PW Plus monitor provides peak tonnage in 2 or 4 channel applications. It has a simple operator interface and displays each channel's tonnage, as well as percent of deviation from the standard.
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N400 tonnage monitor

N400 Tonnage Monitor

The N400 provides peak tonnage for 2 or 4 channel applications, and is particularly effective in high speed applications.

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N269 process control tonnage monitor

N269 Series Process Control Tonnage Monitor

The N269 was developed for the powdered metal and refractory industry.

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