PressNet - Tonnage Monitor Networking

PressNet - Tonnage Monitor Networking Software

PressNet - Tonnage Monitor Networking Software

PressNet provides detailed production and tonnage monitor information at your fingertips. The current die/part number, working tonnage, production count, high and low tonnage setpoints, and alarm status can be easily viewed through your web browser.

Along with live production data, PressNet provides the ability to run historical hard-hit reports. These reports are generated using Crystal Reports and can be viewed through a web browser. Once generated, these reports are exported to a standard format such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word.

A Standard PressNet 5.0 Package Includes:

  • Web-based PressNet (Live Data)
    • Web-based
    • Monitor Alarm Status
    • Current SPM
    • Current Loaded Job
    • Peak and Reverse Tonnage
    • Monitor Setpoints (Capacity, CCM, High, Etc...)
    • Monitor Statistics (Number of High Alarms, Etc...)

  • Hard-Hit Historical Reporting (Crystal Reports)
    • Web-based
    • Signature Saved W/Each Hard-Hit
    • User, Date, Job and Tonnages Saved To MySQL Database
    • Sortable Reporting By User, Press, Job and Dates
    • Reports Generated By Crystal Reports
    • Reports Saved As PDF or Word Documents

  • TT-Graph
    • Windows-based
    • View Signatures From Any Monitor
    • See Details Such As Tonnage and Distance Per Degree

With a web-based solution, PressNet provides the flexibility that you are looking for in a networking package. Once installed, PressNet can be viewed by any user on the same subnet as the PC hosting PressNet. This means the following to you and your employees:

  • Minimal Installation (1 PC)
  • Users can use their VPN connections to view remotely
  • Data is stored in a MySQL database, which can be tied into pre-existing systems

Sample Screen Shots


PressNet Homescreen


PressNet Press Status


PressNet Detail


PressNet Signature


PressNet Report

Download A Sample Report Here


  Standard Option
Press alarm status  
Monitor mode (setup, learn, run)  
Current peak and reverse tonnage  
Tonnage Setpoints  
Tonnage Statistics  
Number of alarms  
Last alarm  
Last high & low tonnage alarms  
Retrieve live signatures  
Hard hit report  
Hard hit alarm signature report  
Part, press & die number  
Downtime & reasons (certain models)  
Generates SPC load files  
TT SPC software  
"Cookbook" tonnage  
Auto data purge  
Auto die set  
PMIS interface  


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Communication Module Serial / Ethernet Converter
Service Installation On-site product installation


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