Press Pilot 150 Clutch/Brake Controller

Press Pilot 150 basic stamping press clutch brake controller

Press Pilot 150 basic stamping press clutch brake controller

The Press Pilot 150 Series of clutch/brake controls can let your production fly knowing there is a reliable way to bring it back down to a safe stop. Dual processors provide the necessary redundancy and control reliability you need. This system controls basic clutch/brake functions on part revolution, mechanical stamping presses. The Press Pilot 150 Series meets and exceeds ANSI B11.1, OSHA 1910.217 and CAN/CSA-Z142-02 standards.

The Press Pilot 150 can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated with other automation equipment such as tonnage monitoring, die protection, programmable limit switches, etc. Integration can easily be done with one of our integrated Total Press Control (TPC) packages: DPPLUS TPC, Press Attendant TPC or Maximizer TPC.

As with all Toledo Integrated Products, our Press Pilot 150 is engineered and manufactured in the United States in Holland, Ohio.


  Standard Option
Dual processor w/watchdog circuit  
Anti-tie down protection  
Anti-repeat protection  
Dual channel monitored E-stop circuit  
Protected memory (each processor)  
Time based brake monitor  
90° brake monitor stop test  
Off, inch, single & continuous modes  
Auto-single & COD (continuous on
  demand) mode
Clutch & counterbalance air pressure
Up to four (4) operator stations  
Press position verified each cycle  
Resolver, encoder or cam based  
Speed compensated top-stop  
Top stop overrun protection  
Uncommand motion & drift detection  
Clutch valve fault monitor input  
7 line by 20 character keypad display  
Position, SPM or counter LED display  
Counters (batch & stroke)  
120 VAC or 24VDC E-stop circuit  
Light curtain interlocks  
Auxiliary immediate & top-stop inputs  
PNP or NPN inputs  
Input status diagnostics  
Prox kit  
Allows for resolver "slave mode"  
Binary fault/prompt message outputs  
Ethernet Communications  
Remote display  
Flush mount kit  
Light curtain (mute on upstroke)  
CE Certified (24VDC input power only)  


Input Voltage 120 VAC (24VDC optional)
Communications Binary (Ethernet optional)
Max Speed 1000 SPM
Resolution 1 Degree
Position Input Resolver, Encoder or Cams
Warranty 1 Year

  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 8 " 10 " 5.5 "


Name Format Link
User Manual PDF
Specifications / Features PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Enclosure/Flushmount NEMA rated enclosure
Standard Product Remote Display Display current status/faults
  of the PP150 from a remote
Standard Product Prox Kit All Press Pilot 150's come
  standard with a prox kit
Standard Product Resolver Precise crank-angle position
Standard Product 1662 Encoder Encoder Inquire
Standard Product 1663 Encoder Encoder & 2 cams Inquire
Standard Product 1673 Encoder Encoder & 4 cams Inquire
Standard Product Run Bar Operator run bar Inquire
Standard Product Run Stand Mounting the run bar Inquire
Standard Product Foot Switch Operator foot switch Inquire
Standard Product Safety Valves Herion or Ross safety valves Inquire
Service Installation On-site product installation


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