Siemens Press Automation & Control

Siemens Press Automation & Control

Siemens Press Automation & Control - Integrated W/ Our Press Pilot 150 Clutch/Brake Controller, SLIM Tonnage Monitor and Siemens Sinamics Drive

Siemens is a major world player in the control automation industry. Our press controls department has done numerous Siemens controls around the world and here in the United States. We specialize in S7-300 PLC family and Sinamics drives.

Our clutch/brake controller, the Press Pilot 150, can communicate with the S7-300 series via binary communications.

If you're thinking of updating your press controls using Siemens or need to integrate with existing Siemens controls, read through our success stories below and contact us using the form below or at 1-800-TTOLEDO.

The Siemens TPC package includes the following:

  • Siemens PLC (All Required I/O)
  • Press Pilot 150 Clutch/Brake Controller
  • HMI (Customer Spec)
  • Drives (*Optional)
  • Motors (*Optional)
  • Operator Enclosure (NEMA Rated)
  • All Required Pushbuttons, Select Switches & Pilot Lights (customer spec)
    • Mode Selector Switch
    • Clutch Controller Fault Pilot Light
    • Clutch Controller Reset Guarded Push-Button
    • Continuous Arm Push-Button
    • Top-Stop Push-Button
    • Emergency Stop Push/Pull Button
  • Encoder & Cable
  • Documentation (Manual & Electrical Schematics)

Standard Siemens TPC Features And Options:

  • Clutch/brake control integration
  • Clutch/brake fault and prompt messaging
  • Clutch/brake controller can monitor up to 1000 SPM
  • Press position (resolver based)
  • Press SPM display
  • 50 job storage
  • 8 die protection stations
  • 8 programmable limit switches
  • 2 or 4 channel tonnage monitoring
  • Time based brake monitor
  • 90 degree stop test
  • Counters (part, stroke and batch)
  • Main motor control & monitoring
  • Auto speed adjust for inch & continuous modes (ramp up to speed in cont.)
  • Slide adjust control & monitoring
  • Automatic slide adjustment
  • Grease system monitoring & control)
  • Hydraulic system monitoring & control
  • Online help menus
  • Light curtain integration
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Enclosure air conditioner

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Siemens TPC Diagram

Siemens flow diagram

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Case Study #1

Case Study #1

Install and integrate our Siemens press controls and automation package into a 400 SPM press and feeder system using the Siemens S7-300 line, Press Pilot 150 clutch/brake controller and industrial HMI.


  • Siemens S7-300 Line
  • Press Pilot 150 Clutch/Brake Controller
  • 1 Encoder
  • 1 BnR Industrial PC (HMI)
Method: The automation package included die protection, programmable limit switches, brake monitoring and tonnage monitoring. These features were incorporated into the software programming and the necessary hardware was put into place inside the operator console.

Siemens PLC's do not communicate via Ethernet/IP, so our Press Pilot 150 was configured to communicate via binary communcaitons to the Siemens PLC. While the clutch/brake controller uses binary communcation, the HMI, Drive and PLC processor communicate via Profi-Bus.

After a successful I/O check and verified communications, small changes were made to the software program to incorporate user requests such as lube timers and custom counters.

Results: This press was being shipped overseas and therefore needed to be CE compliant. Our Press Pilot 150 (DC version) made this possible. This press has been installed and comissioned and is running to press specifications. We were able to succcesfully integrated the Press-Pilot 150, Siemens PLC and HMI into one central, easy to use unit for the press operator.


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