Press Attendant All-In-One System

Press Attendant all in one system

Press Attendant

The Press Attendant is a press automation and monitoring package. It combines tonnage monitoring, die protection, programmable limit switches, brake monitoring, motion detection and more into ONE encoder-based system. This all-in-one package will help protect your investment and reduce downtime.

The Press Attendant is comprised of two products, the DPPlus and tonnage monitor. The DPPlus controls the die protection and PLS features, while the tonnage monitor is used to protect your press and die from hard hits.

The DPPlus unit press automation system includes a controller with operator interface, output relays, die protection inputs, and brake input. The DPPlus unit offers 8 programmable limit switch (PLS) outputs that can be used to control press automation equipment such as feeders (feed and pilot release), air blow off, part lubricators and more. The die protection inputs allow sensors to be fed into the controller to monitor the strip progression (short and long feeds), part ejection, buckle detection and other events to prevent crashes. The brake monitor can be used to monitor the stopping performance of the brake each time it is activated. The system incorporates batch and total counters that can be used to shut the press down upon reaching the count as well as tool and stroke counters that can be reset. All settings can be stored in one of 50 jobs.

The tonnage unit is a two channel, compact, inexpensive and simple-to-use tonnage monitor. It is capable of displaying the load for both sides of the press as well as the total press tonnage. Both the left and right side displays have a bar graph that visually shows the deviation from the benchmark tonnage. This allows the operator to easily watch the repeatability of forming loads.


  Standard Option
Die protection  
Programmable limit switches  
Time based brake monitor  
Motion detection  
Job storage  
Stroke, batch, tool & total counters  
Speed compensation & timed outputs  
24 VDC power supply for die protection  
Standard die protection box  
Clutch/Brake controller  
Left, right & total tonnage display  
Deviation from tonnage setup  
High and low tonnage display  
Target tonnage indicator lights  
Time based signature analysis  
Reverse load display  
Low alarms may be disabled  
Automatic zero balance  
Auto-Set benchmark tonnage  
RS-485/ 232 serial port  
PressNet & TT Graph compatible  


  Die Protection
Inputs 4
Sensor Type Momentary, maintained, static, scan part, NO or NC
Power For Sensors 24VDC @ 2 Amp power supply

  Programmable Limit Switches
Outputs 5
Position Output Up to 2 on/off windows, speed compensation individually at on/off position
Timed Output 1 to 9,999ms
Speed Comp. Individual speed compensation value for each output
Mechanical Relay NO and NC contacts, 10 AMP @ 250VAC, 10 AMP @ 30VDC
Solid State Relay NO contact, 3 AMP @ 140VAC

  Tonnage Monitor
Channels 2
Sensor Inputs Full bridge strain gauges, 120 to 1,000 ohms, up to (4) 350 ohm sensor inputs
Sensor Excitation Built-in 10VDC @ 125mA max. (short circuit protected)
Balance Range +/- 1mV/V of offset
Gain Range Low Gain = 0.568mV/V to 5.000mV/V
High Gain + 0.057mV/V to 0.625mV/V
Analog Output .25" stereo phono jack
2.5VDC at press capacity
Inaccuracy +/-1% of full scale max
Non-Linearity +/-.1% of full scale max
Every stroke (up to 2 updates per second max)
Display Update Every stroke (up to 2 updates per second max)
Resolution 1 Meg Ohm .1% precision resistor
Calibration Shunts 1 Meg Ohm .1% precision resistor
RS-485/232, PressNet & TT Graph compatible

  Motion Detect
Start Time Limit 125ms, 250ms, 375ms or 500ms
Dual Safety Valve
110 VAC

Power Requirments 90 Watts max, 85-132VAC @ 50-60Hz OR
170-264VAC @ 50-60Hz
0-70 degrees Celsius

  Width Height Depth
Dimensions 12.5 " 14.5 " 6.68 "


Name Format Link
User Manual PDF


Type Name Description Link
Standard Product Die Protection Box Standard die protection box
Standard Product Die Protection Box Universal sensor interface
Service Installation On-site product installation


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